Friday :: Jul 9, 2004

Is It Real, Or Is IT GOPorex?

by pessimist

I got an email from a friend, which led to looking for this story.

Allegedly, the California Democrats refused to allow Admiral Jeremiah Denton to address the full California legislature, supposedly because he doesn't believe in the separation of church and state. All of the linked articles I can find are all rehashes of the same story information, most likely this one. Google and Yahoo news services haven't even covered it so far as I can tell. I even searched the Sacramento Bee site, and they have no coverage of this alleged event.

Neither of my local newsapers has covered this story, so I'm wondering if this isn't some GOP media effort to counter some of the negativity Bush has been getting while John F. Kerry has been getting lots of positive coverage over his selection of John Edwrds to be his running mate.

Anyone with links, either way, please post them in the comments. We need to discover if this is a real story, and if not, to squelch it before the SCLM makes a real story out of it.

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