Saturday :: Jul 10, 2004

Guess Whose Guard Records Have Been "Destroyed" - Seven Years Ago

by Steve

You knew this was coming, Chapter Two….

Guess what? The military records of a First Lt. George W. Bush, which would prove that he actually showed up in Alabama and reported for duty, have unfortunately been destroyed, according to the National Guard. The White House noted this last February, while still insisting that Bush did in fact show up for duty without producing records to prove it. The real issue here isn’t so much whether he showed up and reported regularly or not, since even Bush’s defenders note that he reported enough to merit an honorable discharge, not that he reported regularly. The real problem with these particular records being suddenly “destroyed” is that this period in question, the 3rd Quarter of 1972, is exactly the period in question where Bush failed his physical for unknown reasons. And more interesting with this new claim of microfiche being destroyed accidentally in 1996-1997, is that this period corresponds with an account of an officer who claims that Bush officials sanitized his records (including one Dan Bartlett) in preparation for a White House run.

When all is said and done, what this means is that for every Bush claim that he fulfilled his commitment to obtain an honorable discharge, there is no evidence to prove this. There is no evidence provided to date that proves Bush showed up in Alabama during that period, nor is there any proof of how he met his medical requirements during that period.

And by the way, who are the other Guardsmen whose records have also been lost? Do they have their own records to prove their service, and where did they come from?

Quite simply, Bush has known for a while that these records are gone, as evidenced by his interview with Russert earlier this year. He knows, or thinks thanks to the work of Bartlett, that any damaging material has been sanitized from his records for years. With helpful friends in the Guard records center, this was taken care of a while ago. But the military should now come clean and tell us who the others are whose records were destroyed so that the media can track them down to find out if these soldiers were ever told about their records and to see if these records are normally available elsewhere.

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