Sunday :: Jul 11, 2004

"If it talks like a racist, and it acts like a racist, ..."

by pessimist

It's no secret that Americans of color are not exactly welcome in the Republican Party no matter what the official line is. These 'conservatives' are trying to 'conserve' wealthy White privelege and status at the expense of the working class and the non-Anglo population.

Just as we here on The Left Coaster attempted the other day to extend the olive branch with an eye toward calming the stormy seas of diatribe to enhance prospects for dialogue, so to did the NAACP, which invited George W. Bush - TWICE - to address their convention:

Bush First President Since 1920s to Skip NAACP Event

NAACP Head Asks Bush to Rethink Convention Snub

And in his own especially gracious manner, Bush criticizes NAACP leaders

Dated excerpts within.

July 9 (Bloomberg)

George W. Bush will become the first sitting U.S. president in eight decades not to attend an NAACP national convention, risking alienating some voters. Bush declined to speak at the July 10-15 convention in Philadelphia because of 'scheduling commitments,' White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One, adding that "the current leadership of the NAACP had certainly made some rather hostile political comments about the president over the past few years."

The NAACP, the largest civil rights group in the U.S. with about 500,000 members, has criticized Bush's Republican Party for racial division, and in a speech last month, chairman Julian Bond said Bush hasn't lived up to his promises of compassionate conservatism.

HORRORS! Telling the TRUTH about the pResident??? HOW DARE THEY!!!

JulY 10

As True Christians are advised by Jesus to do, the NAACP offered the other cheek to Owwer Leedur - who promptly provided the expected slap:

The head of the largest and oldest U.S. civil rights group criticized President Bush on Saturday for once again refusing to speak at its convention this year and urged him to reconsider. Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP, said it was "unbelievable" that Bush had declined an invitation to speak at the organization's annual meeting for the fourth consecutive year.

"When you are president, you are elected to be president of all the people," Mfume said at a news conference as the convention opened. "You won't do that if you refuse to talk." He asked Bush to change his mind and promised that the Republican president would be treated with respect at the Philadelphia event this week even if many delegates oppose his politics.

Here's the proof of what a Big Little Man George Warmonger Bush is:

Published July 11, 2004

President Bush leveled an unusual attack on the NAACP's leaders Friday, saying his relationship with them has deteriorated to the point that it scarcely exists. "I describe my relationship with the current leadership as basically non-existent because of their rhetoric."

BOO - effing - HOO!

Grow up, George. You are the leader - whether we like it or not - of the world's most powerful nation (not that we will keep that distinction the way you are leading!). Until we replace you, we expect you to at least ACT like you are the leader of this nation - all of it.

The only one here behaving badly is you - and those no-minds who insist that they support you out of their free will (as defined by Rush and FAUX).

If you don't care about 500,000 votes, and those whom they influence, then maybe the next post of mine is more true than I dare to believe.

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