Sunday :: Jul 11, 2004

"... itís about time we got angry ..."

by pessimist

Operation Enduring Arrogance

As the Bush Administration slides deeper and deeper into a war that was disingenuous to begin with, and as the number of dead American soldiers creeps toward the 1,000 mark, does anyone really believe that the handover of Iraqi sovereignty will be successful?

For almost three years now, neoconservatives have used Sept. 11, 2001, as a pretext for unilateral pursuit of their own corporate interests. The attacks on the World Trade Center were so catastrophic, such a violation of our countryís dogged insularity, that Dubya became inviolableóno longer a silver-spoon ingrate, but somehow a fearless leader. Then he slighted efforts to hunt down Osama bin Laden, choosing instead to concentrate American resources on deposing a dictator who posed absolutely no threat to national security.

The issue hereóthe central issue in this entire debateóis that George W. Bush, who did everything he could to avoid his own involvement in Vietnam, invented an opportunistic war for personal and financial reasons, then sent hundreds of young men and women to their deaths. And in the meantime, as kids who arenít old enough to buy beer keep dying in the desert, why arenít college students throwing a fit in the streets?

Four decades ago, college students discovered that as young, idealistic, educated individuals, they were the conscience of American society, and their outrage was the key to social change. In other words, if college students arenít riled up right now, then thereís not much hope for liberals anywhere.

We have a President who exploited the nationís trust and goodwill after Sept. 11, who claims that God speaks to him personally, and whose bullheaded, rape-and-pillage approach to foreign policy makes Clintonís infidelities look downright trivial. Thatís why the time for politeness and ďsolidarityĒ is over. As Bush himself said months ago, ďif youíre not with us, youíre against usĒóso make your choice already.

So which side ARE you on? Your draft is due soon.

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