Monday :: Jul 12, 2004

Tom DeLay Laundering Money With RNC's Help

by Steve

It’s good to see the Washington Post digging into this story. As you may already know by now, our well-known thug Tom DeLay is in trouble with a determined Texas district attorney for allegedly violating what little Texas campaign laws there are by soliciting and using corporate (read: Enron) contributions to finance the Texas redistricting effort that the DeLay-dominated GOP foisted upon Texas voters last year. Although we shouldn’t be surprised at DeLay’s heavy-handedness here, and the fact that he thought he could get away with it, what is more interesting is that this matter risks not only DeLay, but also the Republican National Committee as well.

In essence, what DeLay did in this case was to strong-arm his friends in Enron to bankroll not only the redistricting effort, but to also donate to his own PACs. DeLay then laundered this money to several RNC-controlled national campaign committees, who then turned around and sent this money back directly to Texas GOP House candidates in October 2002, just prior to the state elections where DeLay and the Texas GOP won enough seats to ram through a redistricting last year that granted more likely national House seats for the GOP. And yes, this involves an associate of Karl Rove as well. By laundering the money in this way, the identities of the corporations funding the redistricting and the individual state House campaigns are hidden, in violation of Texas law.

The Washington Post got these internal Enron emails that prove the DeLay tactics in possible violation of Texas laws. Is this why Ken Lay was suddenly indicted late last week? I mean, how bad would it look to John Ashcroft’s Justice Department if they had done nothing to Lay when this story breaks in the Post this week showing that Lay had directly funded the redistricting of the Texas House?

But then, that’s nothing new for Lay. As you can see from the picture above, it was Ken Lay and the Bush/Cheney 2000 who flew the GOP Capitol Hill staffers to Florida to pose as outraged local citizens over the recounts.

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