Monday :: Jul 12, 2004

The Welcome Wagon

by pessimist

Not quite the wounded giants of Blog fame,
With Internet postings read from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset coast shall stand
A Lefty Blogger with a page, whose flame
Is the endangered nation, and by the name
of The Left Coaster known. From their comment page
Flows world-wide wisdom; the Bush lies demand
The knowing voter their nation reclaim.
"Keep fam'ly feuds, your storied cause!" say we
Through gritted teeth. "Give us your comments, your links,
Your pointed photos yearning to break free
Of Right Wing comfort for George Bush's War.
Send these, your postings, tempest-tost so we
Can send George Bush back home - to war no more!"

[Major apologies to the poet - two points to the first one to guess who]

I notice from some of our recent comment threads some names I've seen on more popular blogs, such as Billmon's Whiskey Bar and Hesiod's Counterspin Central. I often went to both sites to see what was what, and often got some good leads there. The commentary was usually quite good and informative. Billmon has apparently decided to again allow comments for now, but Hesiod is gone from the scene and sorely missed.

I'm glad that some of those who also miss Hesiod, and some of those broadening their horizons during Billmon's sabbatical, have selected The Left Coaster as a place to share their thoughts.


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