Tuesday :: Jul 13, 2004

Bush Getting Squished By Polling Data

by paradox

The latest Zogby interactive state poll results are in, and when Chris Bowers melds them with his methodology we get the following results: Kerry 337, Bush 201.

I started shadow-boxing with glee last night in front of the television on the pathetic Bush defense of going to war even if your case is completely false: Iraq could have made weapons of mass destruction. ABC news gave the Bush spin and then immediately said Bush was in trouble over Iraq—solid majorities have said for weeks the war was a mistake and not worth the costs.

The public isn’t buying this war felon defense of the indefensible and ABC News, even though of course the clip is not available on their site, still had a sliver of professionalism left to say so. A viewer instantly saw the Bush war spin for what it is: pathetic and ineffective.

Truly desperate, Bush recently trotted out the Hate Amendment to proclaim his Godly war felon virtues. Of course he said yesterday whatever consenting adults do in their bedroom is nobody’s business, but being a war felon gave him the uniquely qualified opinion that they could never commit to themselves in broad daylight before God and everybody. (use Control F and "privacy" at the WH link)

Worse mistakes and hypocrisy are sure to follow. BushCo. is notoriously sensitive, and the polling data and pathetic issue stances like this are going to make them lash out in even worse mistakes. Be of good cheer, Democrats! Bush is losing and getting desperate.

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