Tuesday :: Jul 13, 2004

Kerry Finally Draws His Knife

by paradox

One can go to WaPo or those harlots at the nyt’s and see the story breaking in many wavelets—Kerry is going to use his military record prominently at the convention.

One could naively assume this is a fluff bio ploy by Kerry. Or one could correctly perceive that the Kerry campaign sees the weakness: Bush’s military records are still in play in the campaign. AP has sued for them and last week came the admission that some had been—gasp!—destroyed.

When I was in Vietnam I volunteered for combat and got a Silver Star. George Bush, well, we still don’t know what he did. AP is suing to get his records and some were apparently destroyed.

Deaniacs, rest easy, finally. The fight is on, for Kerry is going to punish Bush brutally for not releasing his records. Our horrible press corps had decided that Bush’s military records belonged in the memory hole, and it was amusing to see them attempt blithe ignorance when AP sued for the records.

Before the Freeperati go berserk and descend in wrath, I have to say I have never, ever seen a chumpish political candidate ask for it so badly. Bush actually donned fighter gear and pranced on that carrier—but he can’t release his records running against a combat veteran?

Any candidate, not just Kerry, would slash Bush for it. Bush’s military records can’t go in the memory hole if Kerry doesn’t let it, and it’s a poisoned blade, to be sure: this will drive BushCo absolutely batty, for it cuts deeply into their machismo he-man bad-ass defend-America Alpa-male bullshit show. While taking votes away from white males, make no mistake.

Thanks for finally fighting, Senator Kerry.

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