Wednesday :: Jul 14, 2004

Report cites errors, with no blame

by Mary

The Iraq war is the perfect bastard, conceived in error and the only parent that really pays (Iraq) is the one left holding the bag. Today's Butler report was downright harsh on the process, but didn't see that anyone had any culpability.

The report by Lord Butler, Britain's former top civil servant, contradicted much of the British government's justification for going to war. And, in a speech to Parliament almost immediately after the report was published, Prime Minister Tony Blair said he had to accept that, contrary to his expectations, Iraq had no stocks of unconventional weapons ready to deploy when the invasion took place.

"I accept full personal responsibility for the way the issue was presented and therefore for any errors made," Mr. Blair said

But Mr. Blair also cited findings in the Butler report that the government had not deliberately misled the public in ordering troops to Iraq. "No one lied. No one made up the intelligence," he said. "The issue of good faith should now be at an end."

I wonder what history will make of these reports that show there was no evidence for justifying this war. Especially since the deaths keep mounting up.

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