Wednesday :: Jul 14, 2004

Living Down To The Image

by pessimist

I get accused of having an aluminum addiction when I project into the future. My taste for tinfoil tends to rebuff those whose imaginations aren't dialed in to worst-case scenario speculation, something we engineer-types must be able to do, lest we drop an airliner into your lap while you are watching Wimbledon because we didn't take some structural occurance into account when designing the plane. I think you might gripe that such an occurance interferes with your recreational television usage, and you would be right.

It's no different when it comes to the public performing its duty of standing watch on the helm of the Ship of State. What if the lookouts miss that iceberg right ahead because of all the misdirectional fog in the dark night of Right-wing political commentary? Let's hope we have enough lifeboats for everybody if you can't steer clear quickly enough!

Despite Republican assurances that we don't need the lifeboats we already have - because the US Ship of State is 'unsinkable' - I think it's time to re-block the pie pan Panama and join me in playing a game of 'Worst-Case What If?'.

No, even though you play this version of National Jeopardy, you won't get a million dollars if you win, but you just might recapture your nation's freedom and liberty!

We've already heard a great deal about Bush (mis)Administration plans to cancel the November Election, despite the earnest denials offered by Condi Rice singing It Ain't Necessarily So from the popular political operetta, 'Georgie In Mess'.

But is it really so far fetched? We already know that the GOP thinks dirty tricks are fair play. They are being slapped around all over the world, and John F. Kerry has been having positive results lately:

Poll shows Kerry's support strengthening

Kerry Overtakes Bush In Florida

Kerry, DNC earn $5M at Boston fundraisers

In the Last 30 Days, Kerry Camp Dominated the Airwaves with Ads

Bush camp could gain from a postponement, says Joe Conason. There would be no threat of interference with Corporate giants bankrolling GOP.

"These are multinational corporations controlling these elections. And they want to control everything about state government," [Alabama] Democratic state Supreme Court candidate John Rochester said in a speech to the Montgomery County Democratic Party. "They want a corporate board, they don't want a Supreme Court. I am furious at these Republicans who think they have the audacity to define us," Rochester said. He said Republicans have tried to divide people by race, religion and class. After class, they decided to divide us by religion: 'Oh, you can't vote Democrat and be a Christian'. That's what they've tried to do to us. We know that trickle-down doesn't work. These billionaires are never going to trickle down enough money to the middle class to make them Republicans. You know and I know that if there's some fat on the belly of a Republican, it came off the back of a working-person Democrat," he said.

It was Rochester who drew the most response.

With the Democrats apparently gaining support in areas once considered secure Republican strongholds, efforts like this are at risk, which would offend deep Republican pockets:

GE Lobbyists Mold Tax Bill

"This is the definition of corporate welfare," Robert S. McIntyre of the liberal Citizens for Tax Justice said. "To these guys, old tax breaks have become entitlements, even illegal ones."

And they can't even demand respect and total obedience from their own party members:

McCain: Same-sex marriage ban is un-Republican

Donald Trump blasts Bush

Republican governor criticizes administration

Even the SCLM isn't going to play ball, limiting the exposure of the political messages from the conventions - something BushCo desperately needs if they are to have much effect with the population.

Each Convention to Get 3 Hours of Prime Time on TV Networks - total. A lot can happen in the meantime.

There is a way out from all of these troubles.

Time to put your hats on.

The United States - and by extension, the world - have already been prepared for a terror attack in the US, said attack being alleged to be intended to influence the election. The conventions have been cited as being high on the expected target list, and just a short while ago (as I write this), Ridge says Qaeda may target Democrats

With all of the top opposition party members in one place at one time, what better time to have an attack occur?

All the triggers put in place to halt the election are pulled. Martial law can be declared without civil unrest. Surrendering power is no longer a threat. The opposition party is permanently crippled, unable to reform and regroup, which eliminates the last impediment to one-party rule. The nation rallied around George Warmonger Bush the last time we were attacked, and if there is no one else to turn to (Nader? PULEEZE!), the people will obediently do so again.

The media will play ball with the (mis)Administration, restricting 'information' to official government announcements. Interstate travel, already a major hassle, will become even more difficult once The Federal Government converts all of the interstates to toll roads.

A future possibility [Scroll down]

Already facing an inrush of competitors from South of the Border, Truckers leery of toll-lanes idea. And if truckers, who can write off the toll costs, aren't too keen on paying such tolls, why would the average American traveller? Think of it as self-imposed restricted movement - captivity within a regional area. And no guards required, which frees up tens of thousands of troops for similar duties in other nations.

Without intermixing of regional citizens exchanging news and views as they travel about, information can be more selectively managed. If, for example, an uprising against BushCo were to erupt in, say, San Francisco, would any other part of the country ever hear about it?

No, they won't. Just as with the false Nirvana that is Occupied Iraq under the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse Plan for Pilferage of Iraqi Petroleum Production, America post-attack would be 'safe and secure' as we cower in fear at each new pronouncement that we are to be attacked again, thus keeping us in the desired emotional state for easier domination. We would never know that someone decided to stand and resist.

As one can surmise from the headlines above, the Republican Party of George Warmonger Bush is going down, so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and at a low cost. Maybe even no cost.

Such a deal!

These lying bastards demonstrate daily that they are not to be trusted. It is only reasonable that we expect the worst out of them. It's the only way we have a chance of saving the country and our historical traditions of freedom and liberty, because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You can take your hats off now. Sorry about that rust ring around the tonsure. It'll wash out in a couple of days.

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