Thursday :: Jul 15, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

In this thread, several of our right-wing commentors claimed that Bush was very good on managing terrorism because there haven't been any bad terrorism attacks on Americans since 9/11. Somehow they seem to be totally oblivious to the many reports that say that new attacks are almost inevitable and that Bush, by redirecting American focus to war on Iraq, has made the situation immeasurably worse, not better.

In the past few weeks, some well and some not so particularly well connected sources have basically told me they are convinced we are set to face more terrorist attacks, before the elections. One person I met with tonight from another country's defense ministry told me, he knows we are going to face another attack. He doesn't wish it, but there it is.

How can one live in the world today and be so blithely unaware of how bad this war of choice has been? Are they blind to the fact that Bush's invasion of Iraq was like locking up and kicking the wife when all the time it was your neighbor's child that was really the problem? Kicking your wife just convinced the neighborhood that you were a bully, and all the neighbors' kids now have proof that you are psycho and are joining with that first neighbor's kid to protect themselves from you.

Okay, after my rant, the floor is yours.

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