Friday :: Jul 16, 2004

A Marked Man: Tucker Carlson

by paradox

In one of the most revolting spin attempts ever to come out of “the liberal media,” Tucker Carlson recently referred to some of John Edwards litigation career as “jacuzzi cases.”

Edwards got a $50 million judgment against a pool company whose installed drain sucked the intestines out of an 8-year-old girl. She has to be fed with a tube 12 hours a day for the rest of her life.

Atrios and Eric Alterman have been all over it, but courtesy of Hamletta over at The Daily Kos we find out this morning that a 7-year-old girl recently drowned from a pool drain: Graeme Baker, the granddaughter of James Baker III, former secretary of state under President George Bush.

Suffice to say that Tucker won’t sneer at Baker’s family the next time he meets them for instigating a “jacuzzi case” for seeking some justice in the death of their granddaughter. Tucker’s noxious compatriots in our horrible media won’t censure him in any way for this despicable behavior, either. Our media knows no shame, and they'll just happily sit there in silence as Tucker profoundly disgraces their profession.

I am the Father of a 6-year-old daughter who goes swimming every chance she gets, and currently I have no idea if I’m going to come back home today to a corpse or a horribly mangled body because pool manufacturers can’t fabricate safe equipment. Since no member of our disgusting media will speak for the Fathers of this country to Carlson, I will:

Carlson, you are a marked man. One day in your lifetime I’m going to run into you at an airport, media event or some Washington corridor and a crashing volume of screaming outrage will fill your ears and mind for eternity. There will be no escape—I’ll follow you until a locked door or car finally stops me, and for those minutes I’m near you everyone in a 500 yard radius will hear my voice condemning you to utter hell for so callously chucking the lives of our children to oblivion and crippled lives for your horrible media spin.

You will hear my rage and screams on your deathbed. One of the worst days of your life is approaching you for this filthy act, and as you withdraw in tears and trembling fear know one certain, irrevocable thing: you got off lucky.

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