Friday :: Jul 16, 2004

Turnin' The Air Blue

by pessimist

Who would have thought it? What would the Founding Fathers have said if they knew?

Discourse in this country has certainly taken the low road lately, at least at the upper levels where a certain decorum was once expected to be maintained. But lately, one couldn't tell the White House from a seaman's tavern!

First, you had Dick Cheney invite Senator Patrick Leahy to perform solo sex. Then it turns out, his puppet - I mean - boss cusses also!

Cussing's no stranger to the Bush White House

Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't own the market on swearwords like the F-bomb he dropped on Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy. Turns out President Bush has quite the mouth, following in a rich tradition of cussing presidents. "He uses the 'F' word as an adjective, a verb, and a noun," says one adviser. Ditto for the "S" word. But not often in anger. "It's more conversational," adds the insider, "like how guys talk." In a White House that prides itself on self-control, Bush doesn't swear much in the Oval Office and never in front of his wife or new acquaintances.

He doesn't have to cuss in front of Laura. It seems she's pretty good at it her self!

Laura Bush cusses like a !@#$$%^&*()

No, really. (mp3 link) When I first heard it on Air America, I so thought they'd just made this up and added bleeps in.

Bush Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It

So if George Does it, and Dick does it, and Laura does it, where's the beef?

Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg will no longer appear in ads for diet aid maker Slim-Fast following her lewd riff on President Bush's name at a fund-raiser last week, the company said on Wednesday. Republicans have expressed outrage over the fund-raiser for presumptive Democratic nominee John F. Kerry and his vice presidential running mate, John Edwards, in which entertainers lined up to skewer the president. The New York Post said of Goldberg's appearance at the event: "Waving a bottle of wine, she fired off a stream of vulgar sexual wordplays on Bush's name in a riff about female genitalia."

Of course! First off, she's supporting a Democrat! Second off, she should have used masculine sexual wordplays - it's so much more complementary to the manly-man-stud that is Owwer Leedur! Much better to give than to receive, George?

The single greatest event of my life.

So I went to protest Dubya today, as he was visiting my humble little burg of East Lampeter, PA. Adam came over and with my and Matt's help, created two banners. They read:




After waiting around for about 45 minutes, the motorcade passed by us again. A few police cars, followed by a van or two, drove by. Then, a Bush/Cheney bus passed, followed by a second one going slower. At the front of this second bus was The W himself, waving cheerily at his supporters on the other side of the highway. Adam, Brendan, and I rose our banner (the More Trees, Less Bush one) and he turned to wave to our side of the road. His smile faded, and he raised his left arm in our direction. And then, George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States of America, extended his middle finger.

Read that last sentence again. I got flipped off by George W. Bush.

)?(%!# A!

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