Saturday :: Jul 17, 2004

Ohio Swing Voters Not Impressed With Economy, Iraq

by Mary

Whither goes Ohio is one of the things that keeps Karl Rove up at nights. As this article suggests, he might have to start worrying if he can get his boy elected. Recently the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania invited a dozen swing voters to talk with them about the election and what they thought were the issues.

In 2000, seven of these voters voted for Bush, but during this election cylce, only four still felt he would get their vote. These voters still were getting to know John Kerry, but most expressed feeling that they knew Bush too well. They thought the most important issues were the economy and jobs, but were very concerned about Iraq as well. None of them thought the economy was doing very well and they noted that the new jobs being created were lower paying service jobs with few benefits. Not one of them thought the last year was a good year for America.

Although their top issue was the economy and jobs, they were concerned about Iraq and worried a great deal about the American troops stationed there.

One thing they all agreed was that the Senate had wasted its time last week when the Senators debated whether to amend the Constitution to "save" marriage.

There was one issue most say they already have heard too much about: gay marriage. ''That's the kind of social issue that ought to be handled at the state level or some other level,'' Goddard says with exasperation. While their views on the issue differ, 10 of the 12 say they think politicians should be spending less time on it. They spoke on the eve of a procedural vote in the Senate that blocked a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

''There are more important topics that ought to be discussed way before this,'' says William Pant, 36, a graphic designer and undecided voter. Heads nod around the table.

Can we hope that Bush will continue to make it his top issue?

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