Sunday :: Jul 18, 2004

Real Wages Have Declined Two Months In A Row

by Steve

Message to our conservative, free market, Bush-is-God friends: Can we please dispense with the crap once and for all that this “recovery” is going well for the working class? Can we please bury your rhetoric that there is no wage gap in this country? Will you please stop ignoring the data that workers are losing ground to inflation, that corporations are amassing profits and due to a glut of workers, are driving wages down and crippling the purchasing power of a large segment of our economy in the process?

If this is the kind of economy you want, where the “haves” continue to rake it in while the “have-not” fall farther behind and Corporate America pleases its shareholders while wage-earners make less and less to purchase their products, then by all means vote for George W. Bush.

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