Monday :: Jul 19, 2004

How Effective Is Each Campaign's Ad Strategy?

by Steve

To get a good look at campaign strategy and the effectiveness of each campaign’s advertising strategy, take a look at a story in today’s Washington Post and the various battleground states polls. According to the story by Post writer Charles Babbington, these are the top states where Bush is advertising:

Iowa (Kerry is up by 4)
Michigan (Kerry is up by 7)
Pennsylvania (Kerry up by 7%)
Wisconsin (Kerry is up by 5)
Missouri (Kerry is up by 3%)
Vermont/New Hampshire (Kerry is up by 9 in NH)
Minnesota (Kerry is up by 9)
Florida (Kerry is up by 5)

Note that in all of those areas, Bush is now trailing Kerry since his ad buys. What does that tell you?

Kerry focuses much of his ad buys at the following states:

Ohio (Kerry is up by less than 1%)
Missouri (see above)
Florida (see above)
Oregon (Kerry is up by 8)

Also, Bush is aiming his ad buys at men, and the Jay Leno crowd, whereas Kerry was aiming his ad buys at women and the David Letterman crowd.

The latest Marist national poll is out this morning, showing a close race. The poll also reveals that a large majority of voters think that a lot is at stake in this election, and of the four major ticket candidates, John Edwards is the most highly thought of. The poll respondents wanted to hear more about domestic issues than Iraq or terrorism.

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