Monday :: Jul 19, 2004

As Blair Loses Trust Of Britons, Cleland Says Bush "Flat Out Lied"

by Steve

In a sign that the Kerry campaign is finally going for the jugular, Max Cleland said just now that Bush “flat-out lied” to the Congress about Iraq’s WMD capabilities. Finally, a surrogate who has standing to say what the Senate was told by Bush, Cheney, and Rummy about Saddam’s WMD capabilities and ties to Al Qaeda comes out and says it. Now that the Pat Roberts whitewash has been issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Democrats are freed up to state the obvious: Bush and the rest of the cabal lied to get their war. It’s not like others who are credible on the subject haven’t weighed in to claim that Bush and Tony Blair should have known that the WMD intelligence was weak.

David Kay, a man who George W. Bush, Rummy, and George Tenet all had confidence in to find Iraq’s WMDs, told British TV over the weekend that both Bush and Tony Blair had no excuse for not knowing that the Iraq WMD intelligence was weak, and that Iraq wasn’t an imminent threat to either country or the region.

Kay stated that there was no credible evidence before the war that Hussein was an imminent threat to the region due to his WMD capabilities, and that both Bush and Blair should have been able to tell this. Curiously, apparently Bill Clinton is now distancing himself from his friend Blair on this issue by chiming in that he saw nothing in his eight years that showed Saddam to be an imminent threat as a result of his WMD capabilities.

Blair is suffering at the polls since the Butler report came out, with nearly half of those polled now saying that despite the Butler whitewash they feel Blair distorted intelligence to sell the war, and wouldn't trust him to lead the country into another one. Worse yet, there is evidence that Blair got Butler to soften his findings in the report, which would confirm that whitewashes took place on both sides of the Atlantic.

Perhaps Kerry or his surrogates should be advancing the same argument now, by asking voters if they really trust Bush to lead us into another war the next four years? Bush is already trying to obscure his war of choice by talking up Iran suddenly, as if we had adequate intelligence to wage any preemptive war ever again with this crew in office.

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