Tuesday :: Jul 20, 2004

Democrats' Fundraising Levels The Playing Field

by Steve

If you want to get a sense of how well the Democrats are faring against the GOP in fundraising and managing their money, take a look at the PoliticalMoneyLine.com home page tonight after they have posted the June fundraising reports for the national committees, the two presidential campaigns, and the two congressional committees. (Figures are through 6/30/04)

Bush/Cheney Cash on Hand: $64.3 million
Kerry Cash on Hand: $37.3 million

RNC Cash on Hand: $77.8 million
DNC Cash on Hand: $60 million

NRCC Cash on Hand: $20.3 million
DCCC Cash on Hand: $18.4 million

In fact, the three Democratic committees have collectively outraised their GOP counterparts in the last six months for the first time since 1992.

Some would say having Kerry $27 million behind Bush/Cheney in cash on hand is not good, but that dismisses the extra help Kerry gets from the center-left’s 527 committees, something the right wing has failed to keep up with so far. And since Corporate America usually dumps so much money into the various GOP national committees that it is not uncommon to see a 3:2 or 2:1 advantage for the GOP each cycle, it is truly eye-opening to see how close the Democrats are to their GOP counterparts. This tells you that either Corporate America is covering its bets with the Democrats this year, or the Democrats’ small-donor, internet-based approach has suddenly produced staggering results. Or both.

And remember when you look at that Bush/Cheney figure that Rove has already burned over $90 million just this year to produce a tie. The White House may be glad to still have over $60 million left, but exactly how well has Rove managed the money so far, and what does that say for how well he'll manage it the rest of the way?

But then, if you have a stupid and conservative media flacking for you, that's half the battle.

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