Wednesday :: Jul 21, 2004

Liberals need to buy News Media Organs

by Duckman GR

So here’s the press in action.

The Sept. 11 commission's final report concludes the hijackers exploited "deep institutional failings within our government" over a long period but does not blame President Bush or former President Clinton for the mistakes, administration officials familiar with the findings said Wednesday.

[A]dministration officials familiar with the findings said Wednesday. No self interests being served by those unnamed administration officials, eh AP?

Bush, bracing for a report that will be sharply critical of the government's intelligence-gathering, said he looked forward to reading the report and the administration is doing everything possible to prevent another terrorist attack.

Bush must be planning on taking another long vacation if he's going to read the 575 page report, I'd say.

One administration official said the report concludes that Bush and Clinton took the threat of al-Qaida seriously and were "genuinely concerned about the danger posed by al-Qaida." It finds that neither president was to blame for failing to stop the attacks

Especially President William Jefferson Clinton, since he wasn't President at the time, AP. And especially Bush coz he was on vacation when the fertilizer was really getting distributed by the wind generating device.

The AP writer tells us this story as if Bush were anything but the self righteous, demogogic, deceitful, nasty, immature, miserable failure that he is. As if he were the President of a more or less united United States, and not the one thing he is good at, a polarizing and divisive front man for the American Taliban.

See, the point is, you cannot trust anything the Republicans say or do. As has been much discussed on the net, they have no morality, no decency, no belief in a greater good. They're only interested in power and money. They lie to cloud the issues. They don't care if you fact check them, or expose them later. Berger, Clarke, Wilson, the 9/11 Commission, it's all part and parcel of their desire to exterminate their opposition, who might, after all, deprive them of the change in the bottom of some old ladies purse or something.

This is not a case of being pragmatic or making self serving decisions that benefit the greater part of the body politic, ala Machiavelli. Frankly, Machiavelli got a bum rep because of a fundamental misunderstanding by the news media of what he was talking about. The goal was for the betterment of the state that the Prince served, not for the betterment of the Prince per se. Kinda like that Iraq helping the terrorists or Iran helping them, it's almost the same thing ya know.

So here's some back at ya, wingnuts. It's alleged that Asscroft leaked the lies about Sandy Berger, or had someone do it for him.

It also "debunks" some theories that once circulated widely, such as that the Saudi government had funded the hijackers and that the White House allowed a group of Saudis to slip out of the country when all planes were grounded, the official said.

Here's some more nifty writing by the AP. Why is debunks in quotes? To suggest that it didn't really happen? That this is a made up word? That the "theories" (quotes for taking the words verbatim from the article, btw) parphrased in the article are not what was actually being bandied about the web? Coz as far as I recollect, nobody suggested that the Saudi Government did the financing, just government officials, princes, princesses, quasi groups much like the Defense Policy Board or PTL etc. and they didn't "slip out of the country" either. They were gathered up and put on airplanes and flown out with the knowledge of enough people that we know it actually did happen, and not in the dead of night.

But otherwise, a fine article, especially the part about Bush reading that report. Bush didn't read the PDB, he didn't read the death row appeals, he didn't read Truman's sign either. He ain't gonna read that report people. He might have Condi read it to him some Hot August Night though.


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