Thursday :: Jul 22, 2004

"...having fought the good fight, ..."

by pessimist

Dennis Kucinich has pulled the plug on his campaign just in time for the start of the Democratic Party Convention.

Unity is essential

For the past two and a half years, I have led a national effort for peace, for social and economic justice and health care for all. My campaign reached every state and territory. We participated in every primary and caucus. We pointed our party towards new directions. I am here to say that the next critical step we must take is to help elect John Kerry the next President of the United States.

With the same passion and commitment I demonstrated in my own campaign for President, I intend to reach out on behalf of the Kerry-Edwards ticket to unite our party with all those who may have felt left out. I will let them know that the time has come to unite in a common effort for change which is essential not only for America but for the world.

Anyone have Ralph Nader's email address? I think he needs to see this.

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