Friday :: Jul 23, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Had a very interesting conversation on the flight upto Portland tonight. My seatmate commented that he has read the book I was reading (Against All Enemies) and we started to talk about the 9/11 report that came out. Turns out he is an ardent libertarian, one-time Reagan supporter, an NRA member and absolutely anti-Bush. In fact, he thinks that Bush and crew are trying to turn the American people into cowards with all their fearmongering. And it turns out we are reading lots of the same stuff online -- like this piece about a warning from one of FDR's VPs. He's all for pulling out the troops right now. When we get rid of the gang in charge (who he and I both agreed really are traitors of our Constitution), we can start to have some interesting policy discussions with people like my seatmate who also still believes that we are a free and independent people who should be living up to our constitution and those brave forefathers who fought to make it possible.

Now for your comments.

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