Friday :: Jul 23, 2004

We're Gonna Vote Come Hell Or Al Qaeda!

by pessimist

That trial balloon floated last week - the one that said if there was a terrorist attack there would be no election - popped.

The crash-and-burn - which for some reason was buried deep in the second news section of my local hard copy newspaper - was passed overwhelmingly.

House says no to postponing presidential election if US attacked

The US House of Representatives passed a resolution Thursday, turning down the suggestion that the coming presidential election should be canceled or rescheduled in case of the terrorist threats or attacks. Last week, there were people suggesting that the presidential election should be postponed due to the terror threats or attacks.

"The actions of terrorists will never cause the date of any presidential election to be postponed," the House said in a resolution, which was passed with a 419-2 vote. The House resolution, unlike a bill, is not binding and does not have the force of law.

So which two idiots voted against this? And where were the 14 whose votes didn't get counted???

The Two Idiots Who Voted Against:

The two congressmen who voted against the resolution were Reps. Brian Baird, D-Wash. - 3rd, and Scott McInnis, R-Colo. - 3rd

I'd love to hear why these two voted against this measure. The only thing I might forgive is if they, for a principle against unanimous votes, chose to vote no. Baird you can email direct. McInnis has to go through a mail server which filters out those who aren't in his district. But he has several snail mail addresses.

Then there's these guys:

Thirteen lawmakers didn't vote on the measure

Bachus, Carson (IN), Collins, Gephardt, Gillmor, Greenwood, Kirk, Kucinich, Lofgren, Lowey, Paul, Quinn, Young (FL)

We might want to send these valiant American Solons our thoughts about what they think their jobs are supposed to be.

The seat that's open - we'll give it a pass. The Constitution says it can't vote anyway.

We should send our thanks for standing up to BushCo for America to Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio - 18th.

Lawmakers voted 419-2 in support of a congressional resolution from Representative Bob Ney that also says no agency or individual should be given the authority to postpone the date of a national election, which will be held this year on November 2.

Ney, who is chairman of the House Administration Committee, says it was necessary for the House to "end such talk immediately."

The resolution had 81 co-sponsors, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert. "This resolution will send a message around our nation and around the world that the United States will not be bullied by terrorism," Hastert said.

Someone send Hastert a map, a guide dog, and a Boy Scout - the place this news needs to get around is Foggy Bottom itself!

Thus, the thoughts of the House about the attempts by the Bush (mis)Administration to end the election through terrorism have been registered heavily anti. The only questions that remain:

* 1 - will they attempt this coup anyway?

* 2 - will they try to blame THIS on Bill Clinton also?

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