Saturday :: Jul 24, 2004

You Cap It

by Steve

President Bush carries Barney the dog on their way to another vacation at the ranch in Crawford yesterday. I donít know about you, but if I was allegedly being told by my crack intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security folks that there were threats and a likelihood of terrorist attacks at the party conventions, I wouldnít now be heading off to another vacation at Crawford. But then, thatís consistent with how this president deals with imminent terror threats, isnít it?

Unless of course, the terror threat information weíve been hearing about for the last several months is all garbage and nothing more than an attempt to scare voters into voting for Bush.

I have a vested interest in all of this, since Iíll be flying off to Boston tomorrow to attend the convention as a member of the blogging media. Iíll try and put some posts up during the week, assuming I can get the technical and access challenges worked out.

Regardless, suggest your own caption to this picture of a boy and his dog.

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