Monday :: Jul 26, 2004

Democratic Convention Tidbits

by Mary

Although security is high in Boston, the mood there is optimistic. John Kerry is emphasizing traditional values: responsibility, service, faith and family. Reclaiming the term "values" from the conservatives who use the word to signal devisive issues such as abortion and gay marriage, by speaking about values, Kerry reconnects people to the values which underpin the American spirit. These values are ones that bring out what Americans want for each other, not what flaws they find in their neighbors.

For Kerry, "values" are bread-and-butter issues. He says it's immoral to have 43 million people without access to health insurance, to shortchange education funding and to favor the wealthy with tax cuts while the middle class gets squeezed between stagnant wages and rising costs.

The emphasis on creating an America that works for more than just the extremely wealthy promises to increase the youth vote this year. Kerry's campaign speaks to the need to help with college and to doing more to supporting the creation of good jobs. Today 75% college students (up from 42% in 2000) say they plan to vote this year with 58% of that vote perferring Kerry.

Today the convention will feature as speakers the earlier leaders of the Democratic party including Clinton, Gore and Carter. And as pessimist pointed out, tomorrow Barack Obama promises to be a very interesting speaker at the convention and plans to speak to the young. Tomorrow Kerry's wife, Teresa, will also speak to the delegates. Check out the compaign web site to see what's coming up this week.

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