Monday :: Jul 26, 2004

More Election Tidbits

by Mary

For some real time convention blogging, check into what Jeralyn of Talk Left is posting (start here and scroll down). The excitement and energy is palpable. She's even posted a photo of the mysterious Atrios who turns out to be a quite handsome fellow called Duncan.

Over on the American Street, two Oregon delegates are blogging about what it's like to be a delegate from a swing state in Boston. Check out Jenny's and BeckyG's posts for the first day of the Convention.

Finally, do you think that the majority of Americans are happy or unhappy that the Democrats have blocked the worst of the Bush court nominees? I'd say that this isn't one of the winning themes for getting Bush elected. So why do you think Dick Cheney thought it was a good thing to harp on today? Unlike his boss who is laying low during the week, Cheney is out trying to pick up more points. Do you think he is worried that his base is going to sit home if he doesn't remind them of how awful the judges are that they are trying to get on the court? Or is it just another way to soak up more money from the have-mores?

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