Tuesday :: Jul 27, 2004

Where's Howard Beale When You Need Him?

by rayman

While Steve and company mingle and party the week away, the rest of us stuck in front of our idiot boxes watching the absolutely atrocious TV coverage of the convention. Anyway, the good folks at Media Matters are providing blow-by-blow coverage of the ceaseless inanity from our beloved television personalities. Here's my personal favorite (if you can call it that) so far:

After quoting Lambro, Jarrett asked Wolfson, "[A]ssuming that is true, is this an extreme makeover in the form of a hard right turn to the center by John Kerry?" Wolfson rejected Lambro's analysis, which Jarrett had immediately adopted, asserting instead that "there is no extreme leftist voting record to make over" and insisted that Senators John Kerry and John Edwards "come from the middle of our [Democratic] party." But when the GOP's Fuller similarly declined to give Jarrett the answer he sought, Jarrett asked him a second leading question:

JARRETT: And Craig, let me stay with you for a moment before I go back to Howard. Howard just said there's no evidence that John Edwards and John Kerry are liberal. Uh, would you like to take a different view?

When Fuller again did not take the bait, Jarrett interrupted him to inject the Bush-Cheney '04 talking point himself:

JARRETT: I thought you were gonna name the two prominent Democratic groups that gave John Kerry the most liberal rating in the U.S. Senate, and I think Edwards came in fourth.

Give that man an Emmy!

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