Tuesday :: Jul 27, 2004

"We Are One People ..."

by pessimist

If you didn't watch the Convention tonight, You missed THE Speech of the convention.

Barack Obama lived up to the expectations I had for him with his keynote speech tonight. He was articulate, poised, well-prepared - and on target.

It wasn't a typical stump speech of the kind that tended to fill the evening's program. It was, in Republican PBS Commentator David Brooks' words, "... a shame the networks didn't cover his speech. They just missed history."

And if you weren't watching - so did you.

Barack Obama will someday be running for - no, WILL be President, and I say this with a great deal of confidence - in HIM.

I normally don't make such predictions, but I so rarely see someone of Obama's quality, and character, and ability, and awareness of what the country is and can become that it was very refreshing to watch him introduce himself to the nation that he will someday lead.

I will assume for the moment that he wrote his speech himself. This speech should be studied by everyone whose ambitions are to seek office someday, for the construction of this speech was masterful! He took his own life as a mixed-race American of partial foreign origin, whose development and future "would be possible nowhere else", and connected it directly to the issues and challenges that face this nation today, and combined it with the uniqueness and possibilities that our nation represents to the rest of the world.

He didn't just speak to the Democratic Party faithful, but spoke to all Americans regardless of political affiliation, about himself, these issues and challenges, and John F. Kerry.

It was as if I was watching a master weaver at work, whose skill took the state of the weaving art to new heights, creating something that told of the past, dreamt of the future, examined reality, and expressed great hope.

"Hope is the bedrock of the nation," he proclaimed. And he's right. Hope is the reason we are the country we now are. So many came here seeking that hope - for freedom, for something better, to be something better. Everytime someone realized that hope it made us a stronger country, more of an attractant to others whose ambitions sought the same for themselves.

Winding up his short but very effective speech, Obama has this to say:

"We have a righteous wind at out back. Our country will reclaim its promise."

And with people like Obama - a creation of this nation, possible nowhere else - in the lead, we can't miss.

"It was like watching Tiger Woods play golf." - David Brooks

A double eagle - using only his putter. That's how good it was.

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