Thursday :: Jul 29, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

So is Joe Trippi right? Many of the fundraising stories lately have been about how much Kerry has raised - and by small contributors, as well as the money flooding into the 527's (as bz pointed out). One major difference in this campaign from all previous campaigns is the number of ordinary donors (over 1 million donors! for Kerry) who have more than compensated for the Billionaires for Bush gang. No one expected this and I suspect this might also have helped suppress the giving to Bush. After all, if the main way the Bushies got their big bucks was by shaking down their targets [think the Hammer] and the guy no longer looks unbeatable, some of the big givers are going to decide they can ignore the threats and just not give.

Also, don't forget, one thing that we can do to forestall the problem Trippi sees is to send one last donation to Kerry today before he gives his speech. And afterwards help your 527 of choice or down ticket campaign.

So what about Edwards? I think he rocked! And personally, I really liked both his wife and his daughter.

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