Thursday :: Jul 29, 2004

Another Few Words On Edwards And Other Stuff

by Steve

By Steve Soto

Boston, MA -- As I head off to the last day of activities here, I wanted to weigh in with a few observations about last night. First, Al Sharpton did his job, which was to provide an emotional release and launching pad for the evening at the same time. Sure, the usual white guys on Fox News make fun of Sharpton as a spokesman for the Democratic Party, but the GOP has its share of questionable speakers and representatives as well, and I don't hear any of the stuffy white folks at Fox remark about them.

Secondly, a perfectly stage managed event would have had the energy from Sharpton's address, which was deafening in the hall, lead into something other than poor Bob Graham coming out to talk about national security, but alas that's what we had.

Third, the appearance by the retired military brass went over very well last night inside the hall, especially when Wes Clark came out last. This was a smart move.

Lastly, Edwards' speech wasn't great as written, except for the last two pages. The speech ran for seven pages, and we were given a copy an hour in advance. (Drudge and mainstream news outlets managed to break the embargo on the speech and leak it early.) As Edwards launched into the speech, it was clear that he was still hoarse from the recent cold/sore throat he has had, and I wondered if he would make it through before his voice left him. Edwards at times rushed through his applause lines but using the skills from the courtroom he managed to make up for a standard speech with a good presentation which at times was improvised on the spot. All in all, I suspect the speech looked pretty good on TV, and in truth that is all that matters. If swing voters liked what they saw last night, then Edwards did his job.

Well, let's see how the big guy does tonight.

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