Thursday :: Jul 29, 2004

Bring It On

by Steve

By Steve Soto

Boston, MA -- Incredible. He nailed it.

I don't know how it looked on TV, but I can tell you that John Kerry pulled it off inside the hall tonight. Amidst some incredible security outside the Fleet Center, Kerry gave the speech of his life tonight when the pressure was the greatest. He somehow managed to straddle the line perfectly between giving the base its red meat to deal with their anger (something that Bill Schneider of CNN said he wouldn't do) while providing a vision and positive agenda for the voters he was trying to reach tonight. All I can say, without overstatement, is that the atmosphere during the speech and most importantly after it was nothing short of elation and electricity.

Props also to the Democratic Party for pulling off a convention like clockwork and to the City of Boston and the various law enforcement agencies that dealt with the crowds and whatever security threats there were with the utmost in professionalism, courtesy, and patience.

I'll have more on this after I get back, but now it's your turn. I'm off to get a Sam Adams before I hit the sack.

It is true what they say about Kerry: when the pressure is on, he delivers.

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