Sunday :: Aug 1, 2004

NY Times Take on Convention Blogging

by Mary

The NY Times weighs in on the credentialed bloggers in the style section. Appropriately enough, the piece starts off with a fashion comment about John Edward's appearance from Pandagon's Ezra so it could fit in the style section.

The reporter spent lots of column space in decrying the opinionated bloggers. All those untrained wanna be journalists with their snarky take on the news. And, oh, the horror of all those lefties who seemed to take themselves way too seriously.

Although 200 bloggers applied for press passes, most of the chosen ones picked for originality, professionalism and popularity, according to convention planners ranged in their political views from lefty to leftier. Their sites had names like LiberalOasis and Seeing the Forest. The confirmed centrists, like Centerfield, also tended to be clearly labeled. Allen Larson, a Republican, did make the cut, but by Tuesday afternoon he had retreated to his home two miles from the FleetCenter to write his blog, the Larson Report. "It was easier to just be able to walk around in my shorts and get something to eat when I wanted to," he explained.

Who let those bloggers in?

"It's really quite fascinating how the media is treating the bloggers and blogging," one of the best-known bloggers, Atrios, wrote on Eschaton. "First, they spend a lot of time talking about how we don't have `editors' or `fact checkers' " and how no one can trust what appears on the Internet, "especially from those pesky bloggers."

...Indeed, Atrios seemed to assume the role of superego of the bloggers, sorting out the fellow travelers from those he viewed as opportunists. "Look, I like Wonkette and enjoy reading it," he wrote. "And given the many many media interview requests I've blown off, trust me, I'm not envying the attention. It's just Wonkette isn't really representative of blogs in any meaningful way. Happy for Wonkette getting attention as Wonkette, rather silly that she's getting attention as a `blogger.' "

...Perhaps the greatest achievement of the bloggers was to create what the Democrats would like to see come November a Blue State nation. On television the party depicted itself as moving toward the center. But to follow the proceedings online was to burrow, link by link, deeper beneath the blankets of ideological fellowship. On LiberalOasis, for example, one found dozens of links to like-minded warriors, among them The American Prospect and a Web site called Class Struggle. In cyberspace, left-leaning bloggers have managed to create an America where Republicans simply don't exist, at least as anything more than useful abstractions like Eurasia and Eastasia in "1984."

Nice. The lefty bloggers are responsible for creating a 1984 world.

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