Monday :: Aug 2, 2004

George "Armstrong Custer" Bush

by soccerdad

ERIC MARGOLIS has a piece in todays Toronto Sun Bush like Custer

He does a great job of debunking the whole Bush is decisive crap.

George W. Bush takes pride in being strong and decisive, comparing himself to FDR and Reagan. Republicans keep trumpeting the president is bold and resolute.

Bush has been decisive alright -- decisively wrong. The American leader he most closely resembles is Col. George Armstrong Custer, an arrogant, opinionated, headstrong fool who spurned all warnings, boldly and resolutely leading his command to disaster on the Little Big Horn.


Bush & co. have ruined America's good name around the globe. George W. Bush has become, quite possibly, the world's most detested political leader.

Only the brain dead could call this grand failure a successful national security policy. It's very hard to imagine Kerry doing worse than Bush.

He goes on to criticize Kerry for not taking a more principled stand on Iraq, saying that his acceptance speech could have delivered by a Dem or Repub.

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