Tuesday :: Aug 3, 2004

Zogby/Wall Street Journal Show A Kerry Bounce In State Polls

by Steve

Gee, notwithstanding the crap from the USA Today and CNN about Kerry not getting a bounce from the convention, Zogby and the Wall Street Journal say in fact that Kerry is now ahead in 13 of the 16 battleground states as a result of the convention. with Bush only ahead in Nevada (by less than a point), Ohio (by five), and Arkansas (by only 2). Bush had also drawn closer in New Mexico, while Kerry has done better in Arizona of late.

Kerry has moved to a stronger position in Pennsylvania and some of the Midwest states, is now three points ahead in Florida (come on Jeb, get those blacks off the rolls), and is now close in Virginia and North Carolina. Kerry is now ahead in West Virginia, and has edged very slightly ahead in Tennessee, after being down by double digits a month ago.

But remember, according to a lot of the media, Kerry has failed to get a bounce, even though the state-by-states show enough of an improvement for the Electoral Vote Predictor to have Kerry up today by a large 328-210 margin. The WSJ has it 318-220 for Kerry.

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