Wednesday :: Aug 4, 2004

Conservative Media Shows Less Of Convention Than Others, Then Distorts It

by Steve

It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the media that Fox News has already made a habit of misrepresenting what happened at the convention, the post-convention polls, and the bounce for John Kerry. Chief among those who distort and selectively use information from these polls to make their point are Fox’s chief political correspondent Carl Cameron, who can no longer be called a journalist and has lied this week about Kerry’s rallies. Fox contributor and U. S. News and World Report senior political writer Michael Barone lied about the convention crowd’s reaction to Kerry’s remarks on military strength. David Brock’s has a good summary of the lengths that Fox and its media personalities have gone to misrepresent what actually transpired at the convention and what the polls have actually said since the convention. What is sad is that someone like Chuck Todd, of The Hotline, also loses his credibility when spinning for the president on Chris Matthews’ Hardball.

But finding out that Fox and its personalities routinely distort and outright lie about the convention and its aftermath should come as no surprise. Why? Because Fox covered only a fraction of the convention itself, compared to its competitors. Another analysis by shows that Fox showed significantly less of the actual speeches at the convention than CNN and MSNBC. For example, while CNN and MSNBC showed 13 minutes of Gore’s speech, Fox only showed 45 seconds of the speech.

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