Thursday :: Aug 5, 2004

The Honest Broker

by dj moonbat

A lot of folks in this country have trouble figuring out "why they hate us," because it seems completely impossible that the hatred could stem from any concrete policies of our own. So the official line, from both sides of the aisle, is that "they hate our freedoms." Well, the hardcore among the Islamists probably do hate our freedoms, and the decadence that those freedoms enable; but even the most hardcore would be unlikely to blow themselves up solely to lash out at people who have too much freedom.

It's actually not hard to find out why they hate us, if one is willing to think about it for a minute. They hate us because we do whatever it takes to keep the oil under control, a process that inevitably makes life unpleasant in the Middle East. And they hate us because of Israel.

Whether or not the Arabs just Hate Jews, or whether they actually feel some sort of sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians, doesn't really much matter. The settlements, and the occupational tactics to maintain them, are a festering problem. We may never get the Arabs to stop hating us, I don't know; but we have zero chance to get along with the Middle East until Israel gets the hell out of the West Bank.

So it's tough to express just how stupid this latest announced expansion of West Bank settlement activity is. Our signals to Israel have been mixed enough that I don't know how Bush will respond. Given that November is coming soon, and Kerry is in no hurry to alienate our Jewish lobby, I think both candidates will find some way to tell Israel that its right to defend itself includes the right to seize land that they want.

It would be nice to see somebody do something to pull our Israel policy closer to sanity. I don't see it happening anytime soon. But I find myself truly stunned that Israel is so brazenly attempting to take more settlement land, given the crazy level of tensions these days.

Oh, well, a decades-or-centuries-long Holy War can't be that bad, can it?

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