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WE Who Counts The Votes

by pessimist

Joseph Stalin said "He who votes decides nothing; he who counts the votes decides everything."

There is now tangible proof, which I'm sure will bring soothing ease to the minds of such stalwart 'Merkunz as KevinE, that the Republican Party is not made up of Nazis.

It is made up of Stalinists.

Nazis had too much integrity. We have proof.

Three GOP officials arrested in election office shoving

Benton (AP) -- Polk County [TN] Sheriff's officers have arrested two county election commissioners and the county Republican Party chairman in a ballot box scuffle. Election Registrar Sula Jenkins says commissioners Bill Frady and Steve Gaddis "manhandled" her. Jenkins is a Democrat, Frady and Gaddis are Republicans. The registrar says the commissioners wrested a ballot box from her grasp Saturday as early voting ended for the state primaries and snapped an extra padlock on it. She says GOP Chairman Ronnie O'Neal tried to interfere with a clerk who was calling 911 about the disturbance. Deputies charged Frady and Gaddis with assault and arrested O'Neal on disorderly conduct and official misconduct. All three were released in lieu of $1,000 bonds. None of the accused could be reached for comment Monday. Jenkins says Polk County has fair elections.

And that is why the extra padlock. Can't have no fair 'lections in 'Merka, 'specially if'n Owwer Leedur don't win!

But Tennessee isn't the only place the GOP is up to their old tricks. Just like Tom Ridge wants us to believe about Al Qaeda - that they are everywhere, just waiting to strike - sleeper Freeper cells are likewise situated.

Las Vegas area voters to be required to show ID at polls

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Clark County voter registrar Larry Lomax said hundreds of fake voter registration forms listing names of illegal immigrants and fictitious people have flooded the Clark County elections office. Lomax said he thinks the deluge of fraudulent forms may be driven by nonprofit organizations paying workers to up to $3 to register new voters in Nevada, which is considered a battleground state crucial to November's general election.

The Nevada Secretary of State's office is investigating after Clark County elections employees last month noticed about 50 registration forms submitted with names signed in the same handwriting.

Now just WHO could have enough sheckels to afford PAYING people to to submit bogus registrations? The Democrats are having a hard enough time raising funds for legitimate political activities, so I submit to the jury that some other interested party has the means, motives, and opportunity to foment vote terrorism.

Speaking of vote terrorism, let's check in on the home of this practice - Florida:

Florida Republican Voters Told to Use Absentee Ballots

You've got to run this image of the GOP flyer calling for the faithful to vote by absentee ballot since the machines have no paper trail.

The look on Bush's face says it all. "Make sure your vote counts," it states.

Logically, that says they've known all along that your vote WON'T count if it's cast by machine.

Remember that ultimately it's jebbie's brother gee-dubya who's in control of what happens in Florida. I think that message is clear in this flyer as well. By telling repugs to cast paper absentee ballots, has the Florida GOP just tipped its hand?

Yep. I think I saw their cards.

Yes, he who counts the votes. We saw the results of that at least once already, right Al?

And in true Stalinist manner, why should the public even know who they are voting for if their votes won't count anyway? Think of all the money saved by not using any ink!

Fla. GOP keeps its delegate list secret

GOP officials in Florida are refusing to release the names of state delegates to their party's national convention in New York later this month, saying some delegates have expressed concerns about privacy and security. Florida will send 112 delegates to the national convention to be held from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 at Madison Square Garden. The state will identify a few delegates as official representatives to speak for the group, Florida GOP spokesman Joseph Agostini said.

"We have nothing to hide or shadow or keep from anyone," Agostini said.

GOP officials in other states have published the names of their delegates and in some cases have provided delegates' phone numbers and home addresses. Spot checks with party officials and Web sites in other states found no restrictions on identifying GOP convention delegates from Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Arizona and Washington. A spokeswoman for the Republican National Convention said it is up to state party officials to decide whether to release delegates' names. "When you publish lists and telephone numbers, there are privacy concerns," said Alison Kogut. "We defer to the state parties."

Officials at the Democratic National Convention, which took place from July 26 to 29, provided a convenient Internet link to a list of each state's delegation roster, including Florida's. Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Kerry-Edwards campaign in Florida, said the decision by Republicans in Florida "is certainly in line with the secretiveness of the White House" regarding the administration's energy policy and the overly optimistic cost figures it used to promote a Medicare prescription drug benefit.

The secrecy took some Florida Republican delegates by surprise. "I haven't heard anything about that," said James Green, a Republican delegate from Fort Myers. "How the hell can you be private if you're a delegate? That's beyond me." In a conference call with state party officials last week, Green said delegates were told there will be 15,000 media representatives at the New York event and delegates are expected to be enthusiastic representatives for the party. The Republican convention will be watched by millions of people on television and covered by thousands of reporters.

Karen Lee, a Republican convention delegate from Brevard County in Florida, said the Republican National Committee required her to sign a form acknowledging her willingness to speak with members of the media at the upcoming convention. "I'm a little edgy about going to New York City, but everyone should be," said Lee. "Unfortunately, that's the result of 9-11."

One Florida delegate from Pensacola seemed to confirm Agostini's statement that some delegates want to remain private. She refused to give her name and declined an interview request.

Maybe because her name is Mrs. Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud?

But then, who are we to complain when there are past masters at work?

State investigates voting requests

'Questionable' forms from metro area turned over to AG

Several hundred voter registration requests from throughout the Denver area were turned over to the attorney general's office for criminal investigation, Secretary of State Donetta Davidson said Tuesday. Clerks from Denver, Arapahoe, Adams and Jefferson counties surrendered the forms to the state elections chief because of questions about possible altering of party affiliations, bogus addresses and other irregularities, including similar handwriting on multiple registration requests.

Karon Majeel Hatchett, director of the Denver Election Commission, has asked the district attorney to review what looks to be irregularities in voter registration and absentee-ballot request forms. "The best way to characterize it would be to say there are duplicate applications and inconsistencies in the applications," she said.

Adams County Clerk Carol Snyder is concerned the problem may have been caused by people paid to collect names in voter registration drives. "They (registration drives) can be extremely positive and helpful for voters, but if they are not done legally and correctly, it's a very serious violation," she said. "They're messing with people's right to vote."

Yeah! American soldiers died for the right to vote! That's why they aren't going to get to vote either!

Army Times: Absentee votes may go uncounted Ė again

Thousands of votes from U.S. troops overseas could go uncounted again in November without emergency legislation extending deadlines for the ballots, a Chicago election official warned President Bush in a letter Tuesday. Nearly 30 percent of military voters who requested ballots in 2000 didnít get them in time to vote.

Theresa M. Petrone, a Democratic member of Chicagoís three-person Board of Election Commissioners, told Bush the problem could be solved if he proposed emergency legislation giving election officials up to 14 days after Election Day to collect and count ballots. Deadlines vary, but most states, including Illinois, require that ballots be received by Election Day. Other states, including Ohio and Florida, count them for up to 10 or more days later, as long as they were signed by Election Day. The handling of military ballots was a major issue in the ballot recount in Florida in 2000 that led to Bushís victory, when election officials rejected hundreds of military absentee ballots, many because they lacked postmarks or signatures.

With many more troops overseas now because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, military voting could be an even bigger issue this year. Some 250,000 absentee ballot request forms were sent to military personnel overseas who asked for them in 2000, while 340,000 already had been sent as of mid-July for the Nov. 2 election, said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Joe Richard. Critics have accused the Pentagon of doing little to improve systems for getting ballots to and from service members. A report by the Defense Departmentís inspector general in April said problems hadnít been fixed, and a required study by a new voting commission on getting ballots to military and other overseas voters is overdue.

"Every election cycle, election authorities such as Chicago receive military absentee ballots days or even weeks after the deadline, thus disqualifying these votes from being included in the election tally," Petrone wrote. "With hundreds of thousands of military personnel serving overseas, the voting bloc obviously could determine the outcome of our next presidential election."

Let's see - National Guards and Reservists ripped away from their civilian lives for a blatant heist of a sovereign nation's oil reserves, Regular forces held indefinitely on Stop-Loss - gee, WHY would the GOP want to not count THESE ballots???

So here we are - voters disenfranchised, the military serving in defense of criminal activity, their very service becoming a lie due to the way they are treated - is there no one immune from these predations???


Republicans had better tend to their own electoral tricks

Maybe a few of the state's top Republicans are right about something after all. There is electoral fraud in Arizona.

For months now, key GOP leaders have been screaming about massive voter fraud in Arizona committed by noncitizens. Party honchos like state Rep. Randy Graf, R-Green Valley, insist it's happening, although no state election has been tainted by evidence of voting by undocumented immigrants. But recent voting high jinks did not involve undocumented immigrants and other noncitizens. The electoral subterfuge is right smack in the center of the state's Republican ruling clique.

In May, Tucson Republican Mike Hellon lost his party post as national committeeman. Party voters gave the moderate Republican the boot in an intra-party election won by conservative challenger Randy Pullen of Phoenix. Arizona's Republicans elect three people to the party's national committee. The contest was heated, and when it cooled Pullen won by five votes out of 573 cast. But questions about the election's validity moved the state party leadership to conduct an internal investigation. The investigation revealed that a few Pullen supporters voted more than once using other delegates' credentials. Overzealous partisans stuffed the ballot box in good ol' fashioned election chicanery. It's unbelievable but true.

Republicans were found cheating and violating their own rules.

The party's hired attorney reported that "the available evidence is sufficient to conclude that illegal voting likely took place in the election for national committeeman." He also wrote that "the evidence is sufficient to make an election challenge." But the party's bosses, intent on avoiding a scandalous and contentious intra-party squabble, put the kibosh on calls for a new election.

So much for the party's vaunted value of fairness.

The party heeded a higher political value - avoid accountability. All this leaves Hellon smarting. He knows he is not universally loved. And he's not entirely enamored of a party controlled by the right wing. But he was robbed.

"It speaks volumes about the integrity of the process," Hellon said. "This isn't the party that I have served for 31 years."

The phony election also reveals another dubious side to the party. Pullen, a Phoenix businessman and failed Phoenix mayoral candidate, is one of the leading supporters of the Protect Arizona Now initiative, along with Graf and Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa. The initiative, if it qualifies for the Nov. 2 ballot, would require all Arizonans to prove their citizenship to vote and to apply for state and local government services. Other top Republicans, including U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe - who is being challenged by Graf - oppose the initiative.

The three Republican leaders believe that electoral fraud is rampant among undereducated, non-English speaking immigrants, but they have not publicly denounced their own party's election farce committed by their educated, English-speaking colleagues. Graf said the party electoral process was confusing and fraught with misunderstanding. He said it will be fixed next year. What, was this the first time GOP activists cast votes? If it were a first-grade election for class president, confusion could be an acceptable excuse.

So when some GOP stalwarts commit electoral fraud, it's a misunderstanding. But if a non-citizen were to vote, that would be dishonest.

Sorry, they can't have it both ways.

Sure they can - as long as they count the votes!

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