Friday :: Aug 6, 2004

Wanted: Home On The Range

by pessimist

The recent stories about expensive Saudi gifts to the Bu$he$ may have a practical reason - they are being flanked! They may find that new landlords will request that they move from their luxurious abodes in Riyadh with short notice! And I'm sure that their 'nephew' Warmonger al Saud Bu$h would be glad to accommodate them.

Scores die in Yemen Offensive

SANAA, [Yemen] 6 August 2004 Authorities accuse the Shiite cleric Hussein Badruddin Al-Houthi of leading an armed rebellion and instigating violence through organizing protests against the United States and Israel.

Why does the name 'Fallujah' come to mind?

At least 52 people, including 34 soldiers, were killed when the military launched a fresh offensive after a mediation to end a cleric's rebellion in northern Yemen broke down, officials said yesterday. The officials said 18 supporters of Al-Houthi had been killed since Wednesday after mediators failed to secure the surrender of the religious leader.

So - if these guys are violently protesting the United States and Israel, could they not be also protesting al Saud ties to the Great Satan?

Stay Tuned for the next spin-off from George Warmonger Bu$h'$ 'War on Terra'!

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