Saturday :: Aug 7, 2004

Could This Mean The End Of The SCLM???

by pessimist

That rumble you just felt in the ground, that loud crash you heard outside, that eerie 'doo-doo-doo-doo' Twilight Zone theme music that erupted from your turned-off radio - that was real.

At long last, the SCLM (So Called Liberal Media for you uninitiated) finally is breaking up! There is no other explanation for these two shorts:

Parsons Takes Shot at Fox

Time Warner Inc. chairman Dick Parsons Friday described Fox News Channel as "crazy people exchanging views," telling a group of minority journalists in Washington he felt that the channel and his own Cable News Network are two different services.

When asked by Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos why CNN was losing the ratings battle with Fox, he was not ready to concede that. He said that Fox was more like talk radio on TV, which meant that its viewers stayed longer because people tended to "come and sit down for an hour or two and listen to crazy people exchange views." CNN actually draws more viewers, he said, but said they were grazers who didn't stay long.

Parsons said he did not feel CNN was liberal [He's right - ed], but instead has a bias for the truth [He's only partially right - the truth is that approved by the (mis)Admini$tration].

He did not make an overt comparison with Fox, but he did say that his news operation "does not give a corporate slant to its journalism. We don't tell them how to report."

And Rupert don't tell them who to support???

News Corp. President Endorses Kerry

According to the Kerry for President campaign, News Corp. president and COO Peter Chernin has endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate.

Hey - simian that recently emerged from my dorsal port - was that a porcine aviator I just now observed soaring above Frozen Gehenna?

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