Saturday :: Aug 7, 2004

The Crazy Carpetbagger

by larre

Why will right-wing radio host and perennial also-ran, Alan Keyes, announce on Sunday that he has agreed to become the Sacrificial Goat in the Illinois Senate race against Barack Obama?

Maura Kelly Lannan of the A.P. reports in the Baltimore Sun one big rea$on i$ he owe$ lot$ of money, including back taxe$ to the State of Maryland:

For Keyes, money is an important issue, particularly with only three months to raise campaign cash and get his message out to voters. He still owes nearly $525,000 from his two presidential bids, according to federal elections records. He also owes unpaid state income taxes in his home state of Maryland, according to court records.

Of course, Keyes the Crazy Carpetbagger will fulminate on and on about how he's moving to Illinois for the principle of the thing.

Amen to that. It is a matter of principle -- and the interest on it, too.

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