Thursday :: Aug 12, 2004

Quinnipiac Poll Shows Post-Convention Bounce For Kerry In Florida

by Steve

Here’s more evidence of a post-convention bounce for Kerry in a key state. Quinnipiac University just completed a new poll in Florida, which took place through Tuesday night (August 5-10). According to their poll, Kerry has moved from a 43%-43% tie with Bush in the state from their June 29 poll, to a 47%-41% lead over Bush now. Nader, if he is in the race, clocks in at 4%. If Nader is removed from the question, Kerry leads Bush 49%-42%, coming close once again in another state to hitting the 50% mark. Most notably, pollsters found that only 10-11% of supporters on either side said their minds could change from this point on.

Bush will himself get a bounce from the GOP convention, but the question is whether or not it will be big enough to move him back to even with Kerry. The simple fact is that if Kerry is up by five points or more in Florida by Halloween, the Bush boys are courting disaster if they magically “win” this state on Election Day, especially with the election watchers on the ground that Kerry has in the state.

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