Thursday :: Aug 12, 2004

Washington Post's Editors Admit They Buried Doubts About Bush Iraq Claims

by Steve

First, the New York Times came out and admitted that their ace WMD reporter Judith Miller was a tool for Ahmad Chalabi and those selling the claims that Saddam was actively running an illicit WMD program. Yet the Times to this day acts as if this was relatively insignificant in the big scheme of things, and Miller continues as if nothing happened.

Now the Washington Post has come out and taken a different approach. In todayís paper, Howard Kurtz gets to run a long ďmea culpaĒ on behalf of the paperís management in slamming how the Post reported the Administrationís claims in selling the war as front-page news every day, yet when reporters filed pieces that reflected doubts on the intelligence or actual evidence used by the Bushies, it was the Post editors who either buried those stories back inside the paper, or didnít run those stories at all.

The approaches by the two papers are interesting. The NYT said through its editor in essence that Miller was used as a mouthpiece for those with an agenda for war, but please, letís move on. The Post on the other hand is saying that our reporters did their jobs in digging up both sides of the story, yet it was management that turned the Post into an extension of the White House Press Office. Any way you slice it, two of the three major newspapers in the country have now admitted that they abdicated their responsibility to report a complete picture in the run up to the war, and there are now thousands of American victims from that abdication of responsibility.

It is too easy I admit to place all the blame on the media. Sure, the Democrats needed to have a spine and actually read the October 2002 NIE with the caveats and vote their doubts. Sure, the White House skillfully, as Colonel Sam Gardiner has noted previously, used a sophisticated strategic disinformation campaign against the media, Congress, and the public to sell this war. But the last backstop that the public has to be informed of contrary positions and doubts is the media, and these days, that means the major newspapers, since television is almost universally a conservative corporate tool of voter disinformation.

So when two of the three major newspapers admit they were either tools for the Administration, or knowingly burying the full picture, the only thing we can do right now is to email these editors and express our disgust at their abdication of responsibility, along with a list of the dead soldiers from the Iraq war, and ask them how they sleep at night.

Here's a list of email addresses for the Post writers and editors.

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