Thursday :: Aug 12, 2004

McGreevey is Out

by CA Pol Junkie

New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey is out in more ways than one today, announcing his resignation and that he is a "gay American." The two halves of the announcement are related, as the resignation was brought on by blackmail regarding an extramarital affair with a man.

I realize the fact of this affair and my own sexuality if kept secret leaves me, and most importantly the governor's office, vulnerable to rumors, false allegations and threats of disclosure. So I am removing these threats by telling you directly about my sexuality.

Let me be clear, I accept total and full responsibility for my actions. However, I'm required to do now, to do what is right to correct the consequences of my actions and to be truthful to my loved ones, to my friends and my family and also to myself.

It makes little difference that as governor I am gay. In fact, having the ability to truthfully set forth my identity might have enabled me to be more forthright in fulfilling and discharging my constitutional obligations.

McGreevey had only a 43% approval rating, so his tenure might have been doomed anyway upon expiration of his current term in January 2006. His failures might be more than personal as well, as the abrupt resignation might tie into the mingling of his personal and professional life. It is sad, however, that apparently part of his problems as governor was brought about by the lifelong encumbrance of remaining in the closet. Maybe the torture he and his family are going through will lead the way for more gay men and women to achieve prominent statewide office based on their talents to do the job well. The governance of our states and nation is too important to be hindered by sexual identity politics.

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