Thursday :: Aug 12, 2004

More Polls, Same Results: Bush Leads On Fear, Kerry Leads On Issues

by Steve

(Thanks to the Pew Center for the graphic)

The latest Pew Center poll is out this afternoon, and here is the truncated, Soto-version of what it says:

·Bush maintains his lead over Kerry on handling terrorism;
·Kerry is now ahead of Bush in handling all other issues, including Iraq;
·Two thirds of voters rate the national economy only fair or poor;
·Bush has a 42% approve/52% disapprove rating on the economy;
·Kerry has a 15% margin over Bush on who could improve the economy;
·Bush does better on personal traits than does Kerry.

As for the horse race, Pew has it 47% for Kerry, 45% for Bush, and 2% for Nader.

With almost identical results, the latest AP/Ipsos poll came out this afternoon as well. It shows a statistically insignificant three point lead for Kerry/Edwards over Bush/Cheney, 48%-45%, with Nader/Camejo getting three percent. The poll’s major result is that Kerry has a huge advantage over Bush with voters under 30 (59%-33%) as the Post confirms as well, is dead even with Bush with Catholics, and seems to have an advantage over Bush in attracting voters who say they can still be persuaded to vote differently this late in the race.

Rove’s job is to scare the hell out of us and tear down Kerry’s favorables, and downplay talk about all other issues except terrorism. Kerry’s job is to get voters to focus on what their families’ lives will be like the next four years under Bush, based on Bush’s record these first four years.

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