Friday :: Aug 13, 2004

A Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

by soccerdad

As described in Digby, a man came forward in 1988 and made charges that Bush the elder had actually bailed on his crew during a mission for which Bush received a medal. These charges were detailed in an August 12, 1988 NY Post story by Allan Wolper and Al Ellenberg, called "The Day Bush Bailed Out.

The point here is that the Democrats never made an issue of it and the story died.

Lets roll forward. In 1997 Ted Samply also publicized this issue.

Former President George Bush, who bailed out of a crippled Navy Avenger bomber 53 years ago, jumped again in March of this year. His World War II jump is historic. It made Bush the only president to ever bail out of an airplane and the only president whose crew mates were sent careening into the ocean because their pilot had abandoned the aircraft.George Bush Parachutes Again to Exorcise Demons of Past Betrayal

Lets look at who Ted Samply is:

Ted Samply is the founder of Vietnam Veterns against John Kerry.

He is responsible for the 1992 fake photo of John Kerry shooting an American MIA in Vietnam with the caption: Kerry eliminates another MIA from his discrepancy list. Sampley has a long history of working against both John Kerry & John McCain dating to the POW/MIA hearings. He even served jail time for starting a fight with John McCain's staff. Sampley was also given a restraining order.

Sampley has called John McCain the Manchurian Candidate and accused him of being brainwashed by the Vietnamese and being a KGB Spy.


So Samply has gone after Bush Sr, McCain and Kerry.

So over the last week we have come to learn that the one of authors of the latest Kerry smear book was a political hack originally hired by Colson and Nixon to smear Kery and the other is a bigot and a confirmed liar. Now we find that Samply is also a smear artist who seemingly will smear anyone with whom he has a beef. The Rethugs have no trouble with these kind of people doing their dirty work for them.

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