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Spinning Gold Into Straw

by pessimist

A while back, October 16th of 2003 to be exact, a faithful minion of the falacious pRezdint Bu$h chose to stick his neck out with a long list of reasons why the Democrats weren't going to win in 2004. It's obvious that he was ignoring a whole Internet library full of factual information in making his prognostication, for many of the advantages touted by this web p(o)undit wannabe are the very weapons used to attack Hiz Leedur$lip.

As I just LOVE sticking pins into such pompously-inflated predictions, I thought that this would be a good time to indulge myself. I'll just let him lead.

Why The Democrats Can Not Win

If you are a Democrat, then this column is for you. The Democratic candidate will lose next year. Why can such a rash and bold prediction be made? How can I be so certain of a Democratic loss? Well there are several reasons for the confidence that President Bush will win re-election in November 2004. First of all is the economy, it is getting better. And with increasingly good news about our economy, the president, in this case George W. Bush, will increasingly get credit. This is not promising news for the Democratic wannabes.

Now, I'll let the recent headlines from this week do the responding.

***** Bu$h Economy August 2004 *****

Economists Lower 3rd-Qtr U.S. GDP Forecast in Survey

Budget Deficit Wider Than Expected in July

Illusion of sustained US recovery is fading fast

Kansas: Where you see "going out of business" signs side by side with placards supporting George W. Bush.

Our sinking ship: President Bush says "we have turned the corner" -- but with him at the helm, the American economy is headed straight to Davy Jones' locker.

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

Secondly is the current war on terror. Al Quaida has been grievously wounded with most of its leadership now dead or captured.

***** Bu$h Anti-terrorism August 2004 *****

Voters Unmoved by Terror Alerts

Mr. Bush, Why Really Do the Terrorists Hate Us?

BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

AP Breaks AQ Double Agent Story - In Dead of Night

Bush's Leak Allowed al-Qaida Suspects to Escape

British officials outraged at Bush Cartel politicizing of security

Bush Team on Defensive Over al-Qaeda Leak

Al-Qaeda Double-agent Khan, outed by BushCo, visited Canada in 2000 and has family there

Schumer says revealing name of al-Qaida suspect compromises U.S.

White House Has Some Terror Experts Worried

Fox (Porter Goss) to Guard Henhouse (CIA)

Repost: Cheney Cat's Paw, Porter Goss, as CIA Director? by Ray McGovern

Porter Goss, No Way! A Detriment to Our National Security: A Pure Bush Cartel Toady.

Why Did Goss Go Easy on the CIA's Iraq Screw-up?

Another Reason Goss Is Wrong for the CIA

Plame Leak Case Could End in Supreme Court Standoff

Goss Will Ensure That the Last Bastion of Truth in the Bush Cartel is Crushed. Goss Ain't No CIA Head; He's a Bush Cartel Enforcer.

Carter exposed the dirty truth about Bush

Bin Laden Backs Bush: 'I'm very sure they can't have a better administration for them than the one they have now,' an expert said. 'One way to keep the Republicans in power is to mount an attack that would rally the country around the president.'

George W. Bush is the "most insidious of traitors"?

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

Saddam Hussein is gone from power in Iraq and that nation is being rebuilt. Again despite the negative press our efforts in Iraq are moving along and improving the conditions there on a daily basis. Now the Democratic candidates surely does not want us to understand what is really happening in Iraq: schools are running, Iraqi police are now enforcing law and order, water and power are up and running. Saddamís sons are dead and the people he terrorized are now free. And the really bad news for the Democrats is this; a recent poll showed two-thirds of Iraqis see a brighter future now. All of this is very bad news for any Democratic candidate.

***** Bu$h of Iraq August 2004 *****

The real question: Why did we go to war when we did?

The head of Iraq's nuclear programme under Saddam Hussein has said Iraq destroyed its nuclear weapons programme in 1991 and never restarted it.

U.N. Links Iran Uranium Trace to Pakistan, Bush's Good Buddy

The Failed Occupation

'Oregonian' Reports on Prisoner Abuse by Iraqi Guards and an order, from U.S. Command, to Let Them Be Tortured

U.S. Denies German 9/11 Trial Access to Prisoners

Closing of office by Iraq is antithesis of democracy

British Troops, Militia Clash on Streets of Basra

Rolling the Dice in Najaf

Najaf Militants Given Ultimatum

Hundreds Of Armed Young Men Control Baghdad's Sadr City

Iraqi south threatens secession

"Gunmen" Slay Top Shiite Faction Official. Welcome to Bush's Iraq Civil War.

Troops in Iraq cope with intense demands of war

Heat of Battle Takes Toll On Our Forces

Wounded Soldiers are Adapting to Altered Lives

Paying the price: The Bush Administration Screws Wounded Veterans

Wounded in Iraq, tortured by delays

Eye injuries par for the course at Landstuhl, life-changing for patients

As of Monday, Aug. 9, 928 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq

Bush Lied and Our Soldiers Died. A BuzzFlash List of Casualty Resources.

U.S. and British Casualty Count. Bush Lied and Our Soldiers Died -- And Continue Dying.

Milestone of 1, 000th U.S. Death in Iraq Looms for Bush

Deaths mounting, as is indifference

Fallout remains from photos of troops' coffins

Another Yearlong Deployment for Army Units in Germany

Poll: Most high schoolers think draft will return

Report: Audit Looks at Halliburton Billing

Pentagon told to get its IT house in order

Diplomacy sidelined as US targets Iran

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

And this is the third reason Bush will win in 2004. Sad as it is to say, good news for our economy, good news for our troops, good news in the war on terror, is all bad news for the Democrats. The Democratic Party is about negatives, not positives. They have become a party of pessimism, and a party, which puts Americaís interest below their need for power.

***** Bu$h Politics August 2004 *****

Bev Harris is Looking Out for Flawed Elections

GOP recruiting lawyers for election fallout

GOP is accused of aiding Nader

PA Democrats Challenge Signatures on Nader Ballot Initiative

Media Views: Does MSNBC think it's OK for its hosts to be campaigning for presidential candidates?

Article III, Section 2 and the Wobbly Wall Between Church and State

One of the Bush Cartel authors of a new anti-John Kerry book frequently posted comments on a conservative Web site describing Muslims and Catholics as pedophiles.

Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit on nuclear Nevada

Bush's House of Cards

Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots -- Ray McGovern

All The Unreported Bush Scandals

Are Blue States Smarter than Red States?

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

Now for the final reason the Democrats are doomed to fall on their faces in 2004. Their party - and yours if you are a Democrat - have ceased to be a party with any message. Instead the Democratic Party is now a party which just attacks Republicans, demonizes itís opponents, and tries to scare people into voting for their candidates. Instead all we hear are the same tired big spending, big taxing, race baiting, Republican bashing rhetoric we have been hearing for years now. A political party, which is completely devoid of any message or plans, is going to fail miserably. And certainly this describes the current state of the Democratic Party in America.

***** Bu$h Big Spending August 2004 *****

Admit it: tax cuts have failed to create jobs

It's Not Just the Jobs Lost, but the Pay in the New Ones

This is Bush's America: Coal Miners Lose Health Benefits at the hand of Bankruptcy Judge William Howard

DOE failed to alert workers to disease risk

Minnesota seniors' drugs seized

Study suggests drug issues were flubbed by Republicans

Firefighters slam Bush cuts

Cop, fire strikes Looming for RNC

Private Guns, Public Health: Why Gun Violence is a Public Health Problem and What to Do About It

***** Bu$h Racism August 2004 *****

Republicans And Racism In Tennessee: "The rise of Bush Republicanism in the South is largely based on white racism."

Racist Group Behind Ads Against Rep. Martin Frost (D-TX)

Protect Arizona Now adviser denies racism charge

DHS Sweeps - Bush's War on Latino Workers

U.S. to Give Border Patrol Agents the Power to Deport Illegal Aliens

Will Venezuela get the Florida treatment?

CIA executives gathered in Santiago de Chile revealed in contingency plot to overthrow Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias

***** Bashing Republican Barrel Fish August 2004 *****

Hypocrite Alan Keyes Said Carpetbagging is Wrong

Alan Keyes: Pro-Choicers are Slaveholders

Keyes Lags Behind Obama In CBS Poll of IL Senate Race

Harold Meyerson: A Republican Adrift in Ohio

Joe Scarborough appeared on stage at Bush rally

Republican Congressman Pleads Guilty to Kentucky Gun Charge

Miss. GOP State Sen. Tommy Robertson on Monday was found guilty of driving under the influence in Lafayette County Justice Court.

Fallon Republican arrested by narcotics task force on suspicion of selling 11.7 grams of marijuana

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

All we have gotten out of these is Bush-bashing, lies, distortions of facts, and cries against taxes for the rich. How long are the Democrats going to hold on to this tax cuts for the rich fallacy?

***** Bu$h Tax Policy August 2004 *****

Bush's economy is for the elite few

Bush Tax Cuts Have Hurt Nation's Safety

Bush also said high taxes on the rich are a failed strategy because "the really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway."

Bush Accepts 'Really Rich People' Cheating On Taxes

The Progress Report: Bush Tolerates Smear Campaign; Letting the Cronies Off from Paying Taxes

Bush Discovers a Tax He LIKES! A Regressive National Sales Tax!

Pants on Fire: How Bush is distorting Kerry's tax plans.

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

The candidates have shown their lack of ideas repeatedly in their speeches and debates. John Kerry can only keep reminding everyone who will listen that he served in Vietnam ignoring the fact he has continually voted to slash defense spending.

***** Bu$h On Lt. Kerry's Military Service August 2004 *****

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Call On Bush To Explain His Military Record

Bernard Weiner: Bush's AWOL Scandal: Let's Break Through the Media Barrier

Is Our Commander-in-Chief a Deserter? You Decide!

Democracy be Damned, Bush is Inconvenienced

Groups File Complaint Over Anti-Kerry Ad

Bush Silent on Bush Cartel Slurs Against Kerry's Heroism for His Nation

Media Matters: Novak denied Swift Boat Vets' GOP ties; Matthews claimed group's unsubstantiated charge "could hurt" Kerry

With one of his top donors airing a dishonest and discredited attack ad, Bush Won't Call Him Off

Sunk: Swift Boats Weren't Meant to Ride on Sewage. How Can Any Common Sense Patriot Forgive Bush and Cheney, Who Ran Away from Serving in Vietnam, for Allowing Their Surrogates to Slime a REAL War Hero, Not a War Coward Like the Two of Them?

None Too Swift: Everyone has a right to free speech. But they don't have a right to lie, and it's up to editorialists to call them on it

Speak Out about Swift Boat Veterans' Lies

Shame on the Swift Boat Veterans for Bush, by Jim Rassmann, the man who John Kerry saved. Forward this to anyone who sends you anything from the Smear Boat Veterans

Why The Democrats Can Not Win - (10/16/03)

So sorry my Democratic friends there is no hope in 2004. Not with these candidates, not with their lack of ideas, not with their message of doom and gloom, not with America winning the war on terror, and not with the economy improving. So get used to a Republican president and wait for 2008. Listen to the message from the candidates for President. There are no plans for helping America or fixing any of its problems.

***** Bu$h Chances In November August 2004 *****

Molly Ivins: Tough sledding; Canadians watch in shock as America seriously considers re-electing Bush

Kerry rallies Democrats, says election crucial to U.S. You Got That Right

Ex-general throws in his hat for Kerry

A Bounce for John

Goodbye Chunky Monkey, Hello "Pants on Fire": Ben "Cherry Garcia" Cohen Tells BuzzFlash Readers How to Show George the Door

Mark Morford: Time to Get Out the Bush

Maureen Dowd Rips Bush on 'The Daily Show'

Ted Rall is tired of the "Borglike hive-mind of reactionary Republicans....The First Amendment is not really their friend."

BuzzFlash Interviews Paul Krugman, Witness to the Great Unraveling of America

Thom Hartmann: The Ghost of Vice President Wallace Warns: "[Fascism] Can Happen Here"

How I Came to Write "What Would Jefferson Do?" by Thom Hartmann

RNC Protest Organizers Reject Rally Site

Protesting at the GOP convention? Legal observers have your back

The Voice of the OTHER Texas -- Jim Hightower...Yes, Lone Star State Populism Lives On!

Kerry Has Nevada's Ear on Yucca Mountain Plan

California Helps Kerry Set Fundraising Records

Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll: Bush 46%, Kerry 49%

Kerry strongmen gather area support; Graham, Cleland, Rassmann speak at Seville

First-term Rep. Denise Majette easily defeated a millionaire businessman today to win a Democratic runoff for Georgia's open Senate seat, becoming the first black candidate ever nominated to the U.S. Senate in Georgia

Stewart gets serious, why won't reporters?

Molly Ivins Tells BuzzFlash.Com Who Let the Dogs In!

Carl Bernstein rips Iraq war and Bush, as Bob Woodward waffles

Uh-huh! See you in November.

That's what you get for buying a used crystal ball. Maybe you can get a refund.

***** Ending On the Upbeat *****

Kerry Opposes Media Consolidation

Edwards Calls for an End to Stem Cell Ban and a Return to Scientific Excellence in America

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