Sunday :: Aug 15, 2004

Is The Post Ramping Up Towards A Kerry Endorsement?

by Steve

Thanks to a tip from Ron in Portland, I noted that the Washington Post ran a triple-header against Bush today. First, as Ron noted, David Broder said that Bush may go down to defeat because of two choices he made: to invade Iraq, and then pursue economic policies that have yet to work as advertised. Second, the Post is running a set of editorials that will analyze the Bush fiscal policy record, and todayís starts off with an analysis of the Bush case for what will be his signature issue in any second term: social security privatization. And even by accepting the assumptions made by privatization supporters, the Post concludes that there is little positive impact upon the deficits from such a privatization. So if there is no significant fiscal reason for privatization, then why do it at all? Lastly, the Postís poll directors run a piece today confirming what we have noted here already from other polls: Bush has lost the youth vote this year to Kerry.

I am predicting here and now that the Post is doing this series of editorials to build up to their endorsement of Kerry, with the only remaining question in my mind being when they will announce their endorsement. This is not surprising, since the Post endorsed Gore in 2000. But it must stick in the minds of Post editors that many of the concerns they had about Bush back in 2000 came true. There may also be some mea culpas taking place here, since the Post editorial pages were so supportive of Bush's war of choice in Iraq. But better late than never.

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