Monday :: Aug 16, 2004

Has The Media Finally Caught Up To Bush's "Stepford" Crowds?

by Steve

Well, what do you know? The AP finally noticed this morning that Bush’s appearances are not before regular folks, but handpicked supporters. This has been known in the blogosphere for a while, where we have always found it unnerving that the media doesn’t expose the fallacy of an allegedly regular guy Bush appearing before regular Americans. What has been missing until recently is any context in the reporting by the media about the enthusiastic crowds and reception given to Bush. The truth is that these events are the highest form of propaganda, not truly indicative of his support among the populace, and in fact are nothing more than hyped-up cheerleading by handpicked partisans scripted for a gullible media.

But if you want a good example of how the media still can still miss the obvious, check out John Harris’s piece in today’s Washington Post, wherein he reports on how well Bush does on the stump. Harris, who happens to be one of the best reporters around, somehow manages to write a whole piece about Bush’s ease in “shirtsleeve” campaigning in front of appreciative crowds without ever noticing that these are "Stepford" crowds. Obviously he and Scott Laidlaw, the AP writer don’t talk much, nor does Harris talk with his paper’s own Dan Froomkin, who ran a piece this morning on the Post’s website reporting that the media has finally had enough of the screened, managed Bush campaign appearances.

You can email Harris and ask him how he can miss the fact that these crowds are anything but regular folks by sending him a note at,
or Froomkin at

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