Monday :: Aug 16, 2004

Kerry Campaign Brings Aboard Two Big Guns

by Steve

The Kerry/Edwards campaign, as expected, brought aboard several big guns from Democratic consulting and field operation circles today for the stretch run. No, Carville and Begala are not coming aboard, but the country’s best field organizer and one of Clinton’s best operatives did come aboard today.

In the most notable development, Michael Whouley came aboard formally today. As the man whose work led to Kerry’s come-from-behind win in Iowa, Whouley’s field operation in 2000 delivered Florida to Gore out from under Rove and Jeb, only to have Jeb and Katherine Harris's black voter suppression tactics, Gore’s attorneys, and the GOP Supreme Court deliver it back to W. With Whouley aboard now, you can expect the maximum field operation to be in place in all battleground states this fall.

We also note that Doug Sosnik, political director of the Clinton White House in the second term also came aboard today. Besides being allied with a successful political operation, Sosnik opined earlier this summer (along with Charlie Cook) that contrary to conventional wisdom, the race might turn out to be a last-minute blowout.

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