Tuesday :: Aug 17, 2004

Second Reminder: It's OK To Ignore The Trolls

by Steve

Whether its a growing concern within the GOP that W may lose, or a case of some people having too much time on their hands, I've noticed that the trolls that cruise our site here have ramped up their ignorance facts and spouting of moronic drivel lately. Unfortunately, some of us, me included, have shot back and engaged in firefights with our hopeless opponents as if a rational argument based on known facts on the ground would make a difference with these folks.

It won't. Instead, we are subjected to arguments from Right Coaster slamming John Kerry's war record when W hid out in Alabama. We are subjected to claims by Muckdog that there wasn't a black voter suppression effort in Florida. And this is only a short list of the mindless blather we have gotten lately from these folks.

So we'll go back to our "Ignore the Trolls" maxim until Mary and I can develop an alternative. I have neither the time or energy to argue about already-established facts with folks who don't care anyway.

Please let the stupid comments from our opponents go unanswered and stand for themselves as an example of what we're fighting against in this country. It has become apparent that reasoned debate is not an option with these folks. (Perhaps one of our editors will compile a posting of some of the more outlandish statements and claims from the trolls so that their buffoonery can be seen by all, and not buried in a "Comments" thread.)

Memo to Trolls: You're back on "Ignore."

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