Thursday :: Aug 19, 2004

All is not harmonious in the GOP house

by soccerdad

A GOP struggle for the podium

Well I guess not everyone is happy with the lineup of speakers at the RNC.
It seems that reaching out to moderate GOP types and giving them prime speeking times at the convention has a number of the base throwing a snit.

Indiana Rep. Mike Pence got 127 Republicans in Congress to sign a letter calling for a central speaking role for Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.), who is anti-abortion, saying his appearance would electrify the delegates like "Elvis at Memphis."

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly said she thought her party was engaged in a misguided attempt to spotlight moderate "political celebrities" who play well to a liberal media. Janice Crouse, a leader of Concerned Women for America, said President Bush should worry more about evangelical Christian voters, or he will jeopardize their support in tight races in the crucial swing states. "The gays and pro-abortion people are saying you've got to add a plank," Crouse said. "If the president adds that plank, they will nail him to it." Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson is talking about not going to New York at all

As an Orthodox Christian, I am outraged that men like this [pro-choice] would be highlighted," Weyrich said. "If the president is embarrassed to be seen with conservatives at the convention, maybe conservatives will be embarrassed to be seen with the president on election day."

I think in the end everyone will get something and they will all make nice nice. Its just entertaining reading

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